Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Forex News Trading Plans for USD = FOMC Meeting Minutes at Jan 5 2017

FOMC Meeting Minutes
Source Federal Reserve

Bangladesh Time 01:00am DhakaThursday, Jan 05, 2017

Pair Selected for this News Trading : Usd / Jpy
Expected move during first 15 minutes after the release is 50% pips of Daily Av.

Maximum S/L:T/P Target for this News within first 15 minutes after the release is
= 1:2
= (16.67% pips of Daily Av + Spread):(33.34% pips of Daily Av+Spread)

= 1:1
Minimum S/L:T/P Target for this News 
= (16.67% pips of Daily Av + Spread):(16.67% pips of Daily Av + Spread)

b careful about Money Management 

-Thank u very much.
May almighty Allah bless us !

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